Something To Think About – Why Did God Bother?

Back in 2011 I went to Columbia Correctional Institution along with a group of men from my church in order to minister to the inmates. Below is the teaching that I gave there.


My name is Rocky Wenz, and I’ve been thinking. As a scientist and someone that studies the Bible, I like to ask questions and attempt to answer them. Several years ago, I asked these questions: “Why did God bother to create all this when He should be self-sufficient?” “Was this all an accident? Did God sneeze and go “Oh, look what I made?””

As a scientist, I know that the correct question is very important when beginning an investigation. And I found that this investigation needed to break these questions down into a series of better questions. I do not have the time here to go thru the whole series of questions, so I will touch on only a few, and leave the rest for you to figure out. I understand that you have time for thinking…

The question “Was this all an accident?” was the easiest to answer, but the answer raises more questions. From the book of Genesis we find that God was very deliberate in His creating. For six days He put everything He had into the creation process. At the end of those six days He had worked so hard that He had to rest one day. So all of this is no accident. But then that raises the question, “OK, It was no accident. But what was the purpose in doing this?” I’ll answer this question in a bit.

I found that another important question in this series was this one: “What is God’s definition of love?” Now this one is a bit harder to answer. And since I am not a Bible Scholar, you can feel free to correct this definition or expand it. In english the word love can mean many different things. We often consider it an emotion, and altho God is emotional He is not usually being emotional when he loves. It can mean the solidarity of a group that has a common problem or an interest in common. But here is what I came up with as an answer that was good enough to continue on to the final answer. God’s definition of love is “to choose someone or something over yourself.”

As a side note, I would like you to notice the word ‘choose’ in that definition. In order to choose you must have free will. You must be able to say no to anyone, including God himself, and make it stick. That’s free will, and without it you are just a robot, and you cannot love by this definition.

For several years I kept this answer to myself. It was too special, too mind-blowing to me. But now I feel that the Holy Spirit is prompting me to let this one out. To tell others about this. So here is the last question that it all boiled down to. “What is it that God cannot do for Himself, and is looking for in doing all this?” In the definition of love from God’s perspective is the answer. Because love means choosing something or someone over yourself, and God cannot choose Himself over Himself. So God worked very hard at creating all this so that maybe, just maybe, He would be loved back.

Now if you, like myself, believe in the Trinity, you should stop me at this point and say, “But can’t the Persons of the Trinity love each other?” My reply is this. Yes, the members of the Trinity can love each other. And that is a good thing, perhaps even needful. But I also must remind you that the Bible is insistant that God is ONE. And in this aspect, my argument still holds.

And that is the answer to why did He bother. His purpose in this creation is to have someone love Him back. And everything he created, Satan, puppies, galexies, you, me all are because he wants just one thing to happen. He wants us to love Him back. And that is something to think about.


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Fun with Graphics

Somebody dropped this graphic on me recently…

Tornado Crossing?


Now that is fairly funny, but for a storm chaser like myself, It is funnier if you do this to it:

Storm Chaser

Now that’s funny!


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This is a Triumph! Portal 2

I just finished the one-player section of Portal 2, the game by Valve. I am very happy to say that it was better than the original Portal. Crazier, more fun, and with just the right mix of puzzles. None too hard, with lots of breaks between sections of puzzles. This is my pick for Game of the Year.

And now, on to the two player game.  (If you have the game and would like to play the coop campaign with me, let me know.)

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I’m Voting Summer

I have not been a fan of winter for some time. So this video gave me a chuckle.


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Boring Cello? Not here…

So you think two cellos can’t do much in the way of popular music, do you? Think again. Here is “Smooth Criminal” done by Hauser and Sulic. One of my favorites on Youtube.

Oh yeah. Here is a link to my Youtube favorites. I’ve got a lot of videos there now…

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Have a Geeky Christmas!

Below is a set of songs entitled “Seasons Geekings” from John Anealio. You can find these and other Sci-Fi songs here.

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Another Great Writer – Thoughts on God

Peter Greig is another person that writes like I wish I could. He just posted an article entitled God of the Possible on the 24-7 Prayer site. Link below.

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